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Muffled hearing for the last 5 months

I am a 23 year old male. I have been experiencing hearing problems since March. In start, I had a little problem following with conversations and I thought I will get over it. My hearing was almost okay.

In the month of May, I returned to home from college and I started to experience ear pain and fullness. Went to some local doctor, the doc prescribed ear wax drops. It did not help. Then, I followed with a series of appointments with several doctors some prescribing cold tabs and some antibiotics. It did not help the hearing but the pain went away.

In july, I went to an ENT doctor, she prescribed me a nasal spray, cold tabs and asked me to do valsalva maneuver. It made the fullness go away but the muffled hearing was still there.

In august, I started to experience tinnitus and then consuled another ENT doctor. I took regular steam, rebagen otic(for tinnitus) and get PTA & Tympanometry done. The tests were normal. The doctor told that it will take some time and everything will get normal.

Overall, I consulted many doctors and everyone says I am okay. The muffled hearing is still there and it started affecting my work. I cannot follow up in crowded conversations. Please suggest something :/

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