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Nasal sores

I keep a sore nose.  I develope these white bumps in my nose and they are so sore that I can hardly touch the
outside of my nose.  I have a polyp in one side of my nose and I have post nasal drip all day and I can't breathe
through my nose at night.  The worse it gets the more my asthma flairs up.  I have been to the doctor 2x
about this and each time they give me allergy meds and to use vasaline to keep it from being so dry & itchy.
This has been going on for a couple of years and I get a sore hard bump inside of my nose that takes
forever to go away.  Eventually I end up with red sores on the outside of my nose.   Please Help.
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Hello, did you ever receive help on the topic of your nose? I ask because I am experiencing the same problem. Mine started about a year or so ago and it comes and goes. It started in the left nostril and after that cleared up it is now in the right nosril. My problem is that it also never seems to completley go away. It seems to clear up inside the nostril but the redness seems to stay a bit on the tip. I went to see a doctor and they prescribed altabax. It eventually clears it up but as I said the redness seems to stay a bit on the tip and it always comes back. I had thought it was caused by me maybe scratching the inside of my nose when I blow it, but I can't tell for sure.
I need help too!!!
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Hey, are you guys still there? Did you ever learn the outcome? Sounds similar to what I've had too, going on about...3 years or so, though not so much this past year. First time I asked a doc was during a visit for something else and he said it was probably a little staph from cold weather and didn't seem concerned about it, like it was normal given the climate. Then I asked a dermatologist during a visit for something else and she phoned an ENT guy who suggested some type of antibiotic (?) ointment over the phone -- suggested it might be some type of herpies but I don't know how I could have picked up herpies -- but I did get a small tube of anitbiotic or whatever it is and it works great, just a little dab with a Qtip seems to ward it off before it gets too full blown and painful with inflamation. Still, even before the ointment it often went away within a couple days though the redness and pain, if it was bad, lingered awhile, up to a week or maybe more. Sometimes it was so painful and swollen it bothered my eyes, made them water, like having a headcold or something and the swelling from inside the nose became noticable on the outside of my nose, like a half swollen nose -- it affected my overall well-being and health, almost like being sick for a week.
I don't understand why there doesn't seem to be a precise diagnosis for this? If it's staph or whatever, wouldn't that need immediate attention so it doesn't spread to the brain?
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