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Neilmed Sinus Rinse/ Filled Up Eye & Poured Out Burning

Okay so I had a Motor Vehicle Accident in 2010 and broke my right frontal sinus cavity and had to do a reconstruct surgery by an ENT on it. I frequently get head pressure in my sinus cavities and dizziness. Recently I had an ENT evaluate me for the diziness and he was looking at my inner ear, in an off topic mention I told him that I felt congested at the time and alot, he suggested and gave me a Neilmed Sinus Rinse Kit with the 50 premixed sodium packets..... Anyway I did it the first time a couple days ago, and it didnt help much, most of it dripped down my throat and I still felt congested, just not as bad..... So today I tried using it since I have still been having the congestion pressure feeling, so I sit down and start with my right nostril, lean forward over my sink while im sitting down and gently start squeezing the solution into my (right) nostril...... it just kept going and barely any liquid was leaking back out for how much I was putting in, than I noticed an extreme pressure in my eye and the solution started COMING OUT OF MY(RIGHT) EYE!!! I Immediately stopped, blew my nose and tried clearing it all out, now my eye is very red and I feel a bit lightheaded I also feel like more pressure is behind that right eye..... How the heck did this happen...?  Are my tear ducts connected to my maxillary or frontal or turbines? Was this just filling up ALL my sinus cavities, than leaking out of my eye......? Could some have gotten into my brain...? :/ Im freaked out someone please HELP.....

Nico, 25 y.o Male
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In the corner of you eyes by the nose is the punctal canal (aka Nasolacrimal duct) which drains excess water from the front of the eyes down into the back of the nose.  This is why your nose starts to run when you are crying as the fluid dumps into the nasal cavity. What you experienced was a reverse flow of water via this canal.  Just flush your eyes with some saline if it happens again just in case there is a high level of bacteria that could cause problems.  Aside from that, there is nothing to worry about as it is just the way our plumbing is setup in the nose.

   take care.  
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The sinus cavities won't leak into your brain, but had you noticed that when you cry or your eyes are irritated such as during a cold's light sensitivity period  that your nose gets leaky and sniffly, too?  So yeah, I think pushing fluid into your sinus could sometimes get a bit into your eye socket (not your eye) & that would likely irritate the eye until tears flushed it out.
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