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Nose bleed & Blockage


I went to the docs (GP) about a month ago because i've been having nosebleeds that seem to be getting progressively worse. To go with the nosebleeds i also have a blockage that seems to always affect one nostril (Sounds strange i know) but it seems to switch sides. The doc looked pretty confused at this idea.

After looking in my nose with a torch, he said he couldn't find a speculathingy (my words). He said it was probably an infection and gave me some steroid based nose drops , betna something or other. After the two weeks of these which is what i was told i went onto an allergy spray, Flixonase, as advised.

The bleed seems worse now, with the blockage staying the same. I have had two bleeds today, one yesterday and two last week. The bleeds are more like drips than streams and last for about 10 minutes.

I am going to phone the GP again in the morn to make a new appointment. I guess i was just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem, or similar? A rough idea of weather i need to be worried is what i am after i guess.

If you managed to read through this, I thank you for taking the time :-)

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The nose has turbinates.  One side swells up a little, the other side shrinks, it switches back and forth.  It is a normal function to help clean the nose.  However, repeated nosebleeds would probably indicate a visit to the ENT.
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I would recommend that you see an ENT.  They would be better able to view your sinuses and make a diagnosis for the source of the blood.  A CT scan of the sinuses may be in order.  The bleeding is the bigger issue, so make sure that you pursue an accurate diagnosis for that first.

I am surprised that your doctor isn't familiar with these symptoms, and quite frankly it disturbs me.  There are a couple reasons for your symptoms, and people with chronic congestion do not think your symptoms are strange.  

My first assumption would be allergic congestion that drains from one sinus to the other.  Happens to me all the time.  The first time my husband complained about this I laughed at him.  I have experienced this since childhood and find it hard to believe that others haven't.  

Also, the sinuses are "cyclical" meaning that you really only use one sinus at a time.  When you are congested you will notice the congestion in one side while it is active but the other side feels fine.  

I hope that helps you.  Feel better.
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