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Nose popping and weird ear pressure??

I first got a throbbing head ache and neck pain and now theres less throbbing but occasional dull pain. My nose pops and mucus drips down my throat when I lay down. My hands have been shaky for some days now and I have started getting dizzy with ear pressure.. very scared of health related stuff someone please help because I am only a Teenager and it’s getting hard to focus on high school work because of all the anxiety this is giving me.
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Hi there.  How is this now?  Any better?  Things like eustachian tube dysfunction can cause this.  If your sinuses or nose are clogged, and you breath through your nose, it's going to pop into your ear.  Some ENT's have patients do this on purpose to clear their eustachian tubes.  Have you ever heard of a netti pot?  You sound like you may have issues with your sinuses.  A netti pot can be bought at any drug store and it's this thing that you use with water to clear the sinuses.  It might help you.  But overall, you probably need to see our doctor.  A throbbing headache and sinus issues goes hand in hand.
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