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Palatoglossal arch lumps


A little backstory - I developed a cold sore on my lower lip 2 days ago and a lymph node is also painful on the same side of my neck - near the very end of the lower jaw but below the jaw itself.

I started Googling stuff and found that swollen lymph node might be a sign of throat cancer.
I then went to check my throat instantly and found 3 small sized ( < 2-3 mm) bumps that are hard to touch and are flesh colored, situated on my palatoglossal arch. It happens to be the very same side as the lymph node and the cold sore. I am not sure if I had them before or not, but I just noticed (or just paid attention) to them.

Here is a picture (throat pic, beware): https://prnt.sc/lyqkkk

The I read again that such bumps are a sign of throat cancer and now am I even worried.

Can you please take a look and advise as I will barely be able to sleep because I am now really anxious.
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Please.... I am really worried, why is no one replying to me?
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Sorry you are distressed about this.  Try not to go straight to the catastrophic thinking of something very serious.  Likely it is not.  Cold sores are probably an old or newly acquired herpes simplex 1 (oral) and it's so common.  Kids have this!  About 80 percent of the population has been exposed to herpes simplex 1. So, not to worry about that. A swollen lymph node while sometimes happens as a sign of cancer, that is unlikely in your case.  Lymph nodes swell when the immune system is doing their job.  If you have any type of infection, you may get a reactive lymph node as white blood cells accumulate there. Then it takes a bit of time to go away.  They are a natural response most of the time to your body fighting off an infection. As to the lumps you describe, could they be nothing.  Do they hurt?  What happens if you press on them?  But since you have them and concerns, your best course of action is to see a doctor for them to take a look. But I would not suspect anything serious at all from what you describe.  Let us know the outcome!
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Yes, I had herpes in the past too, this is not too concerning for me.

I am mostly worried about those lumps. They do not hurt, I do not feel them at all unless I look in my throat. I found them the same way actually - just casually looking at my throat (because I was scared of cancer following the painful (not swollen) lymph done).

I sent the same pic to a doc who I know but he is not an ENT specialist. Still, he told me that they do not look like anything serious but rather to "papilomas".

I am still worried though, I am checking my throat for 3rd day in a row - they are still there, not bigger, nor smaller.
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