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Peritonsillar infection or something else?

For the past few weeks, I've had this redness behind my left tonsil. I've had it before, every time around this same time of year for the past 3 or so years. It always goes and comes, but it looks like this time It's being a little bit more stubborn.
The redness is directly behind my left tonsil. The arch beside my tonsil is red as well. I've also had some generalized pain in my throat and a SLIGHT sick taste in my mouth. no difficulty eating, talking or swallowing though.

Any Ideas on what it might be? Sinus infection? post nasal drip? (I have allergies), peritonsillar infection or something else?
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If you hadn't looked in your throat, would you have noticed?  I ask because all sorts of things can happen like that and we never notice unless we are looking for it. then you see the redness and then you have symptoms.  I'd say it sounds like something related to your allergies.  We turned our furnace on here and my throat has been acting up since. It's likely due to dryer air for me.  An infection would be more painful.  
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