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Persistant sore throat

HELP!  Sore throad for 3 weeks.  Been treated for sinus infection with antibiotics, Nasonex, sinus rinses, Zyrtec, store brand mucinex.  Run humidifier at night and gargle with salt water.  Desperate!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If you do have a chronic sinus infection, typical antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks.  A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids.  Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like NeilMed or Neti pot are very effective, but worsen Eustachian tube dysfunction (water in the ears or feeling of fullness in the ears).  The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses.  Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Not saying you have this....but I had a sore throat for 2 years and saw 2 hospitals and 3 doctors til the Ear Nose and Throat doc. Turns out he slid a little tube w/ camera  down my throat (took just 2 min)and it was a burned up vocal chord from reflux! Now take med and it's GONE!
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