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Recurrent Parotid Gland Swelling 11+ years

It started when I was 17, One-sided painless gland swelling when i ate. As the years past and the swelling got more frequent I went to a ENT who told to massage my glands to produce saliva. It worked for a while, a rush of salvia would rush out and the swelling would go down. In 2014 it got really bad and started to spread to the other gland. Both sides of my face would swell. I went from being just annoying to painful. I went to another ENT, who did a scope found no obstruction, just stagnant infected saliva. I stop for a few months it has now come back again this time the swelling never goes down all the way, and always tender to the touch right below my ear behind my jaw bone. It use to be once a month now its once or twice a week. I'll have a burning and itching feeling behind my jaw bone. Then sharp pains. I massage my glands to produce saliva. when i do this thick yellowish mucus like saliva comes out. If anyone who knows what this is can you tell me please.
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