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STD or Paranoid?

I have only ever been with two people before. My ex who i broke up with a year ago and my new boyfriend. I knew i wanted to become intimate with him and also knew he had been with other girls before. We talked about STDs and he swore on his life he was tested after his last girlfriend and was clean for STDs. So I gave him oral two days in a row. On the third day my throat started hurting. My tonsils are infected and there are some white dots on the sides of them. My gums on the top of my jaw behind my two front teeth are swollen and they are white around the most sensitive spots. I keep coughing up mucus, its normally a clear color with just a hint of yellow. And I am just generally tired. Is this an STD? I wasn't that worried at first because I've had tonsillitis before but the swollen gums concerns me. Ive been researching problems and i don't know what to do.
Could the doctors have missed something in his test results?
When you get tested for STDs do you get tested for everything?
How quickly would an STD appear in the throat?
What could the swollen, white, sensitive, gums indicate?
Im on amoxicillin, would that clear up my swollen gums?
Im scared and nervous and don't know how to tell anyone what I'm feeling....
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I swallowed his semen, could that have caused an infection other than an STD?
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Also every time I swallow it hurts and my ears pop and hurt as well.
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