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Scarlet fever - Need suggestion

My son had high fever with rash on his hands arms, back and chest. We took him to the doctor and he diagnosed Scarlet fever. He priscribed Amoxicillin for 10 days. He started taking it and 3rd day his fever was gone, rash was gone. I sent him to day care for one day as I had to go to office and he came back with minor fever again. We thought his antibiotics is still not finished may be he will be fine. Next morning his legs badly hurt. Then I notice he was starting pink eye. And some different kind of rash on his back of knees, thighs, upper legs, and back of the arms near the joints and back of wrists. I took him to another doctor, he changed the antibiotic ans prescribed 'Cefprozil' for 10 days, he told stop old antibiotic and take this one. We started taking that his rash did not go. His fever and pink eye was gone in 2 days. Then doctor prescribed 'fucidin' creme for rash and we applied it and rash is also gone. But he still had strawberry tongue and tonsils. So I took him to pediatrician. He asked for blood test with ASOT, Sed rate, plates count, something for inflammation in blood test. And he asked for ECG as well.
Same time he asked us to stop all the medications. We got everything done and stopped 2nd antibiotic (So in total 2nd antibiotic was taken for 5 days).
He didn't have any fever for the next 3 days. But I noticed his strawberry toungue was not getting better and his tonsils got more swollen after stopping antibiotic.
I took back to the pediatrician who took the blood tests, now he said get another blood test again for ASOT, Plates count, CBC etc. I said why I need to do it now, he said because after stopping antibiotics, fever came back. This time the results may be positive. But I asked why they were negative before, he said  my son was taking antibiotics before. I was upset, and didn't go for another one blood test. I aksed him to write antibiotics, he is taking it everyday till 10 days. Now his tongue is improving, but sometime during day, I felt he is more warm than normal. When we get the temperature from thermometer, it does show normal, but we feel him little more warm.
Do you think something is going wrong still in his inside? Or it is just because of still leftover infection in his throat?
I don't want him to take to another doctor anymore. As they will stop his current antibiotic and theat will increase the infection. I am not sure I am write in this sense.

This is happening since Jan 3rd 2011 - Jan 24 2011 (3 weeks).

Please suggest.
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I know this response is years later. But want to comment in case anyone else researching comes across this. The scarlet fever symptoms and the pink eye is indicative of possible Kawasaki syndrome. Ask your doctors about this possibility.

Currently dealing with my sons battle with scarlet fever. Going into the second week...amoxicillin (10 days) seemed to work then on day 9 of treatment rash returned. We started azithromycin (3 days) thinking it developed resistance to penicillin. One dose of azithromycin made a HUGE difference. Now on our second dose of it and the rash has returned again to his bottom! UGH!! About to go insane.

When the amoxicillin wasn't working I did some research. Saw that many times a disorder called Kawasaki syndrome it presents identically to scarlet fever. But has a few additional symptoms, one of them being pink eye (conjunctivitis), and it will not respond at all to antibiotics and fever won't go down with meds like Tylenol. Kawasaki is very serious, from what I understand, it affects the blood vessels. If it's not treated within ten days their is a risk of childhood heart attack and other cardiac problems.

So just saw the pink eye mention and wanted to post. Good luck!
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Thanks Tammworth for the reply.
Yesterday, my son's antibiotic is finished. He is feeling better. He goes to school. But I see his strawberry tongue is not completely gone, and his tonsils are still there. His mouth smells a lot. Yes, as per your suggestion I am going to ask him to get the salt water gargle done every day and see if that improves his condition.

Thanks again.
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When I was a child in 1992 I had scarlet fever.  They gave me a shot of penicillin and within a week i was all better.  If you do decide to go back to the doctor, see if they offer a one time shot instead of 10 days of pills.  Also gargling salt water is very helpful for sore tonsils....don't swallow of course.  Sorry i cant be of more help.  I hope all goes well.
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