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Shotty Eustancian tube?

I’m a 24 year old male, for all of my adult life my right ear clogs even from minor nose blowing. I don’t just mean when I’m sick I mean just now I blew my nose moderately hard and air clogs behind the eardrum. Now it goes away almost instantly afterward, however it seems odd to me. I do have tinnitus in both ears since birth, I seen an audiologist who said that my hearing is great and idiopathic tinnitus is not terribly uncommon like mine, and I also have tensor tympani syndrome, basically it’s like an eyelid twitch, just in your ear. When I get that it tends to be in that right ear again. Now I don’t suffer from dizziness regularly or have any other symptoms suggesting anything big but I’m curious if anyone else has a ‘shoddy eustacian tube’ like what my doctor’s say I have.
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