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Smell from Nose

I had a turbinate reduction 18months ago and i still have a odor coming from my left nostril. I have been on antibiotics and nasel saline rinses and nothing helps. Is there something my ENT could have done wrong during surgery to have caused this?
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My son almost had turbinate reduction as his were enlarged and he was getting sincerely the worst bloody noses in history.  We treated it a different way but this is an interesting question to me. Can you clarify about the smell? Is this something you yourself notice or you and other people both? Do you think you still have secretions and clots in the cavity?  You could get that checked to make sure. It does seem like a while past surgery to be having any crusting or issues like that.  Have you visited your ent to discuss this?
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Also, how are your sinuses on the left?
Hello, and thank you for  responding. I dont smell this odor that other people complain about. I am told it smells like garbage or a rotting smell. Not possible to kiss my wife(   I have no secretions . I did change ENT doctors since my turbinate surgery.  He also did not correctly do my deviated septum and he damaged a nasal valve in the process.  Since then it has been corrected but still have a smell. Also the smell is only on the left side. Right side no smell at all.  I have had a cat scan and nothing shows up.  Thinking of changing doctors again since he does not feel odor is a problem.
Sinus on left had past issues but none at this time)
So, I'm going to say that my son has an issue like this related to his sinuses. When they are moving the gunk through slowly which is often for him.  When I smell it?  I give him mucinex which thins secretions.  The smell clears up. It sounds sinus related as it is one side.  One sinus having an issue. https://www.healthline.com/health/bad-smell-in-nose
Yes i know this link ,i have read it before. I have ruled out all of these as none of these conditions apply.  My Ent wants me to go to his college where he did his fellowship and wants to see what they have to say. I live in Florida and will be traveling to Nashville Tenn. for this appointment.  
As I mentioned i did have a botched deviated septum surgery that had to be repaired as well as a damaged nasel valve from my turbinate reduction.
I also had to have a medial maxillectomy for a cyst removal in the maxillary sinus. This is the same side as the smell.
So the only thing i can attribute the odor to is exposed bone( turbinate) or some kind of an infection  that is not showing up on a CT scan.     Total mystery.
sounds like a fungal infection.  antibiotics taken too many times for "ear infection" caused the fungus to grow.  i understand the smell; it follows me like a dirty pair of diapers smell.  i just found out last week, after researching for 2 years to find a name for this invasion into my head, that it is called Coccidioidomycosis.  it is debilitating, and degenerative disease, that needs to be fought hard daily, to help alleviate its many symptoms and cycles.  there are 3 that man can get; but do not quote me on that.  C. immetris i think.  Valley Fever
Hello)) I have just finished using amphotercin sinus rinse and still have a lingering smell. The crusting is gone and inflammation as well. I been having this problem for 2 years. when i have a culture done after crusting is gone etc. it will come back negative...but smell still persists.  I have scheduled an appointment with a DR Lanza in St. petersburg florida in Dec.  He is a specialist and will bring up what you just mentioned. It does make perfect sense.  Also I have a slight pain from time to time inside sinus as well.  
Did you ever get any answers or improvement to your issue? I’m experiencing similar symptoms post-surgery. It has only been 6 weeks and I’m doing nasal rinses 2x/day but this smell is awful and doesn’t seem to be improving. Surgeon even sucked out a fair amount of the dissolvable packing that didn’t dissolve at my 1 month post-op but the smell is constant and lingering.

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