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Smell loss after taking azithromycin

Was sick by the end of August.Was congested, runny nose, sore throat etc. Tested, and negative for covid. Took azithromycin, and loss my sense of smell and taste since then. Its been month and a half, and still cant get my senses back. Can smell things only close to my nose, and little to no taste. My doctor thinks that is postviral smell loss. Sinuses are clear, my nose too. Everything has cleared up. I dont know if this is a side effect from the medicine. Read on internet that its a rare side effect, but im so terrified.Went to ENT, and gave me corticosteroid spray. Used it only two times, but im scared from using it any longer. Here can find only one topic.

Will my senses come back ? Im so worried...
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i did not get covid, that i know of, all tests negative, and i cannot smell or taste anything.  not a good thing if you are in need of a shower that only others know about.  serious!  hot peppers have no taste!  my psychiatrist told me i may have contracted covid a year previous to that appointment.  i have to lie on the sheets to fill out for covid info.  i have all the symptoms all the time.  maybe our immune systems were good enough to keep us from being sick, but we will pay for that until it stops.  huh?  over 2 years now.  let me know if it goes back to normal.  good luck.
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Did you took Azithromycin or Amoxicillin ?

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