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Sore Throat for months

I have sore throat for around 6 months. I think it all started with some sort of allergy because I would only have it when I was at home, generally any dust would make it worse. I moved out and my throat stopped being so sore but its still bad.. I feel like it is very sensitive. I also feel like saliva/mucus is licking down the throat.. Sometimes it has a bad (sort of rotten.. taste) It gets worse if I drink something cold or hot or when I go outside when its cold (Because I only breath through my mouth). My doctor thought its post nasal dripping so she gave me some steroid drops, didn't help much. Now she thinks its a Glandular fever.. I dont have any other sympthoms apart from sore throat, and mucus going down it. The only other thing is that my lymph nodes in neck feel a bit tender. Also sometimes I feel like im producing way too much saliva.Few times there was some white stuff on sides of my throat. And also rarely get some small difficulties with swallowing but I think this might be just casued by super stress that im going through... I am non-smoking person. I occasionally have a glass of red wine. (Once every two weeks maybe)...
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Thank you for your replay.. I have a strong feeling that if it is post nasal drip it could be caused by cosmetics/perfumes.. I love strong perfumes and I always spray my neck.. I also use strong hair spray...
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I second the theory of post nasal drip...probably due to allergies.
And you're right about the swallowing...stress will do that to you.
Try a sinus rinse and use a humidifier at night to see if that helps.
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