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Sore throat/ tonsillitis for 6 weeks

Hello everyone, so this girl and I had sex it was protective penetrative but I gave her unprotected oral sex.

4 days later I developed a terrible case of tonsillitis, they were very painful, inflamed and filled with white spots. I didn’t have a fever or swollen lymph nodes.

I tried treating it at home for a week with warm salt water but that didn’t help.

The next week my gp gave me amoxcillin for a week, but that did nothing at all.

I then asked to do a strep swab, but gp said a rapid swab was not available and it would take a few days to get results, so I was given cefuroxime and clindamycin for a week.
At the end of the week it did seem like they were getting better, but the white spots were still present and they were still enlarged.

I then became worried about stds so I went to an obgyn, the obgyn said from what I explained it
Might have been oral gonnoreah or chlamydia, but obgyn wasn’t sure if a swab would still pick up the infection because of all the antibiotics I had recently taken so I was given doxycyline for two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks my tonsils were almost fully cleared of the white patches(pus) and swelling was going down.

Now 5 days after finishing the doxycyline the white patches are returning again!! I have no idea what’s going on.

Any idea as to what might be causing this??
For a moment I thought it was mono, but I read that antibiotics does not treat mono, so that means I wouldn’t have been seeing improvements while I was taking the doxycyline or clindamycin&cefuroxime.

Also I have no swollen nodes.

Please just share your thoughts on all this.

I also asked the girl to do a herpes (results were negative) and an hiv test it was an antibody test and it was negative. She also told me her last sexual partner was 3 months ago from when she did that test.

I recently did a hiv and Syphillis Elisa test, and herpes test at 6 weeks post last sexual encounter. Waiting for results after the holiday. I’m also gonna go to an ent on the 31st.

I’m really worried about this right now.
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Please note that this forum will not address your STD concerns and you have had that answered already on the appropriate forum.  Thank you.
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And the answers given in that regard were very helpful. My concern right now however are my tonsils and what could actually be causing them to be acting like this.
Just clarifying since you felt like you had to mention the sexual encounter you have already been answered on.  STD concerns already answered and not necessary as part of the equation in this forum.
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I'm a little confused, because if there's one thing any doctor should be able to diagnose is advanced tonsillitis.  It makes you pretty sick, and it can feel a lot like mono.  I had it once and at first it is hard to tell what's going on, but after a week it clearly showed as tonsillitis.  Which is what makes me confused, as you've had it for awhile and so docs should have been able to diagnose it by now.  I never needed a test for the doc to know it was tonsillitis, they could tell by how it presented.  But you know, if you do have to wait for test results, it is what it is.  
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Exactly!! I honestly feel
Like if I was given a swab test from the get go a lot of this confusion may not have happened.

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