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Sore throat with red bumps? Can anyone help identify this?

A week ago, I began to get a sore throat. Didn’t seem a big deal, and was accompanied by quite a lot of phlegm and a cough. A couple of days later, it started getting REALLY sore- hot and mega dry. Recognising the pain in swallowing, I went to the GP who hardly looked at my mouth at all. He assumed tonsillitis because I have a bit of a history, and prescribed penicillin.
The antibiotics aren’t working, so I figure it must be viral. My throat seems to be getting worse and worse,but my tonsils don’t seem to be particularly swollen. I seem to have streaks of pus just behind my jaw. I have lumps and bumps and a few ‘cuts’ around my tongue and tonsils. I have irregular, red bumps on my throat with darker red borders. These are extremely sore and seem to be multiplying. I can’t keep my throat lubricated and swallowing is agony. I’ve had no fever.
I’m unsure if it’s worth going back to the gp, as I’m unsure if they’ll treat it. I’ve never had a sore throat for this long, and am losing my energy to cope with it, as well as money from being off work.
Any idea what this may be? Or how long it may take to heal?
Thank you so much.
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