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Swollen Neck, And under jaw lymph nodes.

For the past month I have been on various medications ( Antibiotics, Antiacids, Antifungal ) due to several complications.
I had alot of yeast infections, to a strep throat to a BV to even laryngopharngeal reflux, muscle / joint pains probably from the extreme cold weather to constant stress. Hence, I am a complete mess.

Most of the times, I would feel the lymph nodes under my jaw, and this one lymph node in my neck. But tonight, i realized my neck one is enlarged. I live in NYC where the weather is insane, i have been having a bad headache for the past 2-3 days and i assumed it is from the cold air i am inhaling.

I am constantly checking my lymph nodes because of my high paranoia and anxiety, And maybe i am not so sure how lymph nodes really normally react to things. And what is normal and what is not.

I have been sleeping very late every day because of insomnia, I suppose lack of proper sleep is the case? I even developed slightly yellow tinted dark circles around my eyes.

The amount of anxiety, stress, depression is surreal.

A little closure about how things work would be appreciated to soothe me... thank you.
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