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Swollen throat lymph

I have sore throat and right swollen under jaw near tonsils since 18 days. No pain. And uncomfortable  Doc gave me azitromicin 250.
History I have tonsils issue  
Why it’s taking time for cure ?
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Not sure what you're saying.  You say you have no pain, but a sore throat is pain.  I've had tonsilitis, and I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks when I was a college student.  Very tired and out of it.  You say you have tonsils issue, but don't say what issue.  The med you're on isn't the med usually used to treat tonsillitis, so again, confused.  Did your doc give you a diagnosis?
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On my right jaw under on swollen lymph beside tonsils from 18 days. That have no pain it is moving also. But in morning  times I feel pain in my throat, whole day I feel discomfort,    
Sorry for confusing you
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