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Throat and tonsils look infected. What is happening!?

Recently Ive had what feels like a clogged throat. Probably for about 2 weeks now off and on during the day. This has me constantly clearing my throat. Sometimes, i will bring up this globby substance when i do clear it like mucus or something. Theres no pain and i dont have difficulty swallowing food and drinking. Just recently ive looked in my mouth with a flashlight and noticed that the very back of my throat looks like its infected. The back looks red and the tonsils are also red. The back base of my tongue looks very white. I also notice what looks like a yellowish white zit looking thing near the tonsils. The tonsils themselves look very bumpy, discolored,and infected. It looks like thwy are eother growing larger or there is growth forming on them which in return worries me. I hope this isnt cancer related. This has been going on for a while now and idk what it is. Any advice and knowledge that can help me would be appreciated.
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