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Throat bleeding; no cough what could it be?

I was taking a shower one night and I felt something kept flowing down my throat. There was no coughing. I just felt dry throat lately. Initially I didn't feel any pain and I spat out some of the blood. It was fresh and bright red. It didn't stop and I went to the hospital. And on the way to the hospital the bleeding stopped and I hacked out a big clot. My throat was stinging. I got to the hospital and they did a check and couldn't find what was wrong.... why. No clots. No abrasions.. they just say my nose vessels were swollen. And it could have been a nosebleed. But my throat hurts. How could that be. I've never gotten a nose bleed.
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I don't know your background but this sounds to me like a spiritual warfare. Anything that can't be explained or treated by doctors is something that stands chance to be treated by prayer. Receive and confess Jesus as your saviour, repent of your past sins, and then seek physical and spiritual healing. Try to find a church where they're big on prayers and get them praying and interceding for you.
Blessings of the Lord
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