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Throat concerns

Age 37 ,All - I had developed a bad flu ( residing in UK 3 weeks ago ) did not have temperature ( around 37.2) took some over counter medication and then saw doctor who told it was a flu and should go on it’s on. I had sore throat during that time as well . Also recently I have had sinus like symptoms with nose shut in the morning , post nasal drip and reflux ( bad after food ) and constant small phlegm clearing of throat . I have had a lot of anxiety over this and Viewing inside my throat frequency with a torch in the mirror and can see a small white spot in one tonsil ( 2 mm) and also like small raised portions  on the back of throat ( no redness or something pink colour texture ) , I have no other symptoms and can swallow etc but have some mild pain like in the back of tongue one side sometimes .. I am concerned about the way the throat is seen is this something I need to be concerned ? Or am I stressing out unnecessary ( thinking this is start of cancer or something ) - I don’t smoke or use tobacco , I do drink occasionally
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In general, maybe what your doctor really meant was not flu but a virus.  The reason I said that is that influenza A and influenza B are usually associated with fever as a hallmark sign. And flu in and of itself is not dangerous. What becomes the issue is a secondary infection in compromised individuals like children and elderly.  So, say, they get the flu and are sick. But then develop pneumonia and are that can then have grave consequences.  Because in general, everyone gets viruses and the flu and the vast majority are just fine after.  

I would stop look at your throat.  You do indeed sound highly anxious.  No symptoms means you are over worrying.  Next visit to the doctor for a well check or if this is still there in say a month or two, then make an appointment and show it to your doctor.  But would not be overly worried.  

Viruses do get better on their own and you do comfort care like use Tylenol or ibuprofen if you ache or have a sore throat, drink tea, get plenty of fluids and rest, etc.  If you begin to have other symptoms such as pain or fever, revisit your doctor.  

Do you do anything about your anxiety or is it just at a higher than normal level for you right now?
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Yes he mentioned it was influenza ( first doctor I visited ) , the second one I visited last week examined and told it was fine and no antibiotics needed and generally they have an after effect gave me nasal spray for 4 weeks and asked me to get back. I am just anxious about what I am seeing in my throat and want to be sure , I have no other symptoms now for the past week except for post nasal drip and reflux and smear ok or sore throat when I wake up in the morning
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