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Tinnitus Problem

I have suffered with one sided tinnitus in my left year for about 17 years. When I first experienced this problem, I had an MRI scan to check for an acoustic neroma and the result was negative.  My ENT doctor surmised that my tinnitus might have been caused by an ear infection that occured in my left ear at just about the same time that I first noticed the tinnitus in that same ear.  He didn't know for sure but he thought that my tinnitus might have been the unfortunate aftermath of nerve damage caused by the ear infection.  Through the years I have done a lot of research on tinnitus and particularly tinnitus relief treatments including various medications, the tinnitus retraining technique, masking, and many more.  Recently I tried the Tinnitus Relief Formula (TRF) from ARCHES  for three months where the active ingrdient is very pure Ginko Bilobo. As prescribed, I took four capsules per day for the recommended three months but I still did experience relief from my tinnitus.  Tinnitus, as you well know, is a very frustrating condition. Is there any other treatment that you can suggest that I should try. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

Harold Familant, Ph.D.
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Has anyone tried chinese acupuncture for tinnitus? or any kind of ear problems. Any opinions, experience and advice would be great. Thanks!
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Hi Peter, my word, my tinnitus is getting louder by the day and its so frustrating/  What is it that you do to at least lessen the noise?>
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I know this posting is late but tinnitus is still prevailing today. Since tinnitus can have many reasons there are many strategies for treatment. As I mentoned already in another thread a few years ago my ears started ringing. Louder and louder. First I was able to keep it under control simply by

- drinking more water during a day (thinning blood) and
- trying to go to bed earlier (before midnight to get enough sleep).

But later on the ringing got the upper hand again. But today I succeed again:

- I own an apple iPod and there is a medical software called "tinnitus help" that I find very usefull. I use it before going to sleep and I think It helped already a lot (5 weeks, 15 min. each day).

Perhaps this 3 experiences can help other tinnitus patients.

Best regards
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My dear friend.  You aren't alone when it comes to dealing with tinnitus.  I've had tinnitus for about 8 months now.  I used to have 2-3 days where the tinnitus wasn't as loud.  Within the last couple weeks it's progressed to the point where it's now at a "10" constantly, every day.  This has brought me back to the internet for more research.

I once said to myself "if an M.D. had tinnitus then we may get closer to finding a cure!".  Well, in fact there are professionals in the medical community that have the problem and guess what?  They didn't cure it, but they found a successfull way to treat it.  I believe the following links below may reveal some important things reguarding tinnitus.  Medical Doctors aren't knowledgable enough about tinnitus in knowing how to treat it, that is unless they get it themselves.  I plan to check out the TRT approach.

http://www.kevinhogan.com/ (scroll to the bottom left)
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I also suffer from Tinnitus.
I have done alot of research as well. Most common culprit is damage to the seventh cranial nerve. I am sure, other nerves    damaged can also cause differing forms
of Tinnitus.

Nothing helps that I know of. Have seen or read nothing that helps.

Although I have chosen to keep the neurological system as healthy as possible.

Good nutrient with brain foods. Lots of fluids, proper salt intake, spinach

vitamin and mineral supplements may help,   well not really help but mitigate

the symptoms.

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minerals are suppose to help
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