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The doctors say my son has a severe sinus infection he has lots of green snot, eye drainage, fever, and thick green puss that feels like snot coming from his ears he also has tubes.  Is this normal they keep telling me this is the antibotics working, he is in alot of pain
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Your son is having Acute sinusitis with Otitis media with effusion. In the first instance you need to consult an ENT specialist at the earliest.

An aural swab has to be sent for culture and sensitivity, followed by ear cleaning and instilling of ear drops. The thick green pus from the ear suggests of Pseudomonas infection.

The ear complaints are because of the sinusitis your son is having. Visit your ENT specialist and request for a change in the antibiotics. Give him plenty of warm water for drinking, also give him the following:

1. Antibiotic
2. Antihistaminic (Such as Cetrizine)
3. Mucolytics (Such as Bromhexine/Ambroxyl)
4. Saline nasal drops
5. Steam inhalations to be taken 10 min. after instilling the nasal drops.
6. Pain killers (Acetaminophen)

Any more doubts you are welcome.

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How long has this been going on?

This is NOT normal and sounds like the antibiotics prescribed are NOT working.

Is he seeing an ENT Specialist and/or a PCP/Family Physician for this?  
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