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Unusual painful swallowing, earache and headache


I´ve had this "sore throat" for about 5 days now. My left tonsil is red and really swollen, it doesn´t really have any white patches or it or anything. The right side is also pretty red but not swollen. Most of the pain feels like its coming from behind the tonsil, or way back of the tongue/throat, and i don´t have to be swallowing for it to hurt. Sometimes it just starts hurting, and it feels like it´s burning and stinging. Kind of the same feeling if you have an ulcer on your lip and something salty gets in it. This same sensation also occurs on the right side. I tried looking for any ulcers but because of the tonsils  (like i said the pain feels like it´s behind the tonsils) i cannot see. At the moment the spot on the left side is constantly aching causing me a mild headache and earache.

My throat was examined by throat culture for angina but the test was negative.
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