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Vertigo with Off balance body....

Hi Dr.,

I am suffering from VERTIGO since 4-5 months, I went to neuro surgeon M.S. M.Ch.

He said by my clinical check up, You are having no problem. But go for MRI.

And my MRI of Cervical Spine says : "Posterocentral buldging of C3 - C4 inter vertebral disc with posterior osteophyte formation."

MRI of Brain : All normal...............

He said its not related with your vertigo... Dr.s please tell me is not with my vertigo.

He also said you might seek ENT dr.

ENT dr. said we will go for Audio Gram and one more test. on 01Aug15.

Please guys tell me what is the problem with my positional vertigo. Means I am feeling my body OFF BALANCE.

My problem is when i have vertigo, i don't feel objects are moving. But I feel my body is off balanced. and it does not last long. and i also fell vomiting.
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This is reminiscent of a condition called Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction, in which dizziness presents, but without the sensation of external surroundings moving, or spinning...

It can be mild, or severe...and varies from time to time...

Recommend a consult with a COMPETENT ENT...and quickly...there are effective treatments for this...

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I would follow up with the ENT first. You may have a problem with the inner ear.
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