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What did I do to my Sinuses? Please Help

I was partying one night, while being young and dumb, and used an illicit substance that requires you to snort it in order to consume it for a brief high. While drinking and carrying on through the night I had kept partaking in the event. Eventually, my and right nostril were blocked off and it was hard to breathe but I kept trying to do some more. I tried to clear my nose but the right was completely blocked and the left was partially blocked but still pretty clogged. I tried multiple times to get it to open up but had no luck. I tried again in the fashion of holding my finger on my right nostril and trying to suck out the snot in the form of a spit wad or loogie. When I attempted this the pressure immediately gave in and I heard a loud squeak and popping sound. My airway was a little more open but I knew that something wasn’t right. The next day and the following weeks after, I felt as if something was stuck in the roof of my mouth and it was in the back area on the left side of my uvula. I also noticed that my ear felt like it needed to be popped… a lot… I didn’t think much of this at first but I waited to see if it would clear up. Over the next few weeks, I felt like it wasn’t getting any better and had more issues develop (my left eye was swollen up for no reason, left ear ringing 24/7 LOUDLY) so I called the doctor. I happen to use the VA for doctors, and by the way, this was in 2016. Anyway, I go in and explain to them as I have now. My doctor states that it sounds like sinusitis, gives me a nasal spray and some steroid to help with inflammation. I use that and run the course of the medication and it did not clear up the symptoms, so I went back. The doctor insisted that it was a sinus infection and to take some more nasal spray and some Sudafed. I did that and to my surprise no relief. At this point my eye, ear, and left sinus area are driving me crazy and I am not getting much sleep. Some months later I am finally able to see the ENT at the VA facility. The order a CT scan after I explain this all to them and I wait for the CT appointment 3 weeks later, then wait for my appointment with my ENT. At this point I’m having a new issue where my left tonsil and left side of throat feel like they constantly need to be cleared, or the now felt irritated all the time. I went back and explained at my next appointment about my ear problem, new throat problem, nasal problem and eye problem. The doctor decided to use a scope and put up into my left nostril. When he put the scope into my nose it hurt extremely bad. He got past the initial pain point and examined the inside, he stated that nothing looked abnormal. They then said that the CT scan was good. Sent me for an MRI which they never got back to me about (just finding out in 2021 that they never got the MRI from the private imaging lab they sent me to). The doc was stumped and once I said that I grinded my teeth in my sleep sometimes, he jumped on TMJ. So, I go to a TMJ specialist about a year later when I could afford to pay for it. At this point the only way I could describe how my head felt was that the left inner side felt like it was disconnected from the rest of everything. It is weird! But I also noticed a few other things. When underwater my left ear could not longer hold pressure, water just rushes in. when I stand up from leaning over, I get light headed and almost tunnel vision some times. I wheeze really hard when I try to run or over exert myself (When this happened, I was 23 and 180 lbs and athletic) I am not 230 and unable to even exert myself without hurting my head, left side from the neck to the front behind my eye. The TMJ specialist stated that I did have tmj but that I also had a pretty bad deviated septum that he could see from the CT scan. I went back to my Primary ENT and relayed the message to him from what the TMJ doctor said, I was then sent for another CT and when this report came back I had a mildly bowed to the left septum. So I went private ENT. This doctor looked at my CT from the TMJ specialist, stated that I have a deviated septum to the left, the right side has enlarged turbinates and that I had a bone spur. This was recently, as in 2021. Idk if they are all right or what because I feel like there’s something more going on in my nasal cavity. Has there ever been an injury like this? Do I also have ETD? I need help and opinions and resources. I have been suffering for 5 years and I would like to be able to live normal again. Any information or opinions that will provide me with leads to research would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.
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I have no personal experience to relate, but I do know that regular cocaine users in the Disco era actually went so far as to burn holes in their noses.  Deviated septoms are tricky things, because they usually cause no problems.  Anyone like me who has played basketball has one from getting hit in the nose all the time.  It can make the narrow nostril a bit harder to breathe through, but nothing to the extent of what you're suffering, but there are people who have ones that are so bad surgery is necessary to fix it.  Assuming it actually does that, surgery being not always successful.  This also doesn't sound at all like what TMJ does, and it has to be said, there isn't a dentist in the world who won't find TMJ in a patient.  It's a real money maker, so again, hard to distinguish just normal deviations in bite from a serious problem.  I would assume that if your dental specialist thought it was that bad they would have offered treatment, and that doesn't seem to have happened.  Clearly, something happened, but if you've seen that many specialists and had that many diagnostic procedures, you have had a good look at it.  VA doesn't have the greatest reputation -- they were originally created to get folks back on the battlefield as quickly as possible, so they are very good at treating wounds and prosthetics and the like but not the best at anything else.  You might try finding better docs a better facilities with better reputations if your insurance covers that.  Peace.  
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And just to add, sinusitis isn't a description of a condition, it just means the sinus is inflamed.  Doesn't tell you why.  Sinus infections go away on their own almost all of the time.  Hard to believe all of this would be from that.  It's also possible you took so much drug that day you caused some damage to your brain neurotransmitters.  It happens, and that nobody can fix.  Have no idea if that happened, my experience was with people who took a lot of drugs at once during the counterculture days and almost always included taking way too much LSD in an unpure form as one of the drugs.  
Paxiled, are you a doctor?
No doctors on here, just folks.  Everything I said above, as noted, was from personal experience or it's just things anyone can learn as we go through life, as is that of everyone on this site.  If you want a site that has medical professionals on it, I don't know if they actually give out free info on the net anymore.  This site once had doctors answering questions, but not for a long time.  Why do you ask?

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