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What is going on with my throat, tongue, and tonsils?

It's been three weeks since I've had strep, and the red spots at the top of my mouth have not gone away even though I was given a stronger antibiotic. I still see faint "lines" of white on my tonsils. I've also noticed that there is a yellow color under the skin of my tonsils, and I know it's not tonsil stones. My tongue has white tastebuds on it, and some of the tastebuds have started to come off. I don't feel sick at all though, which confuses me. I went to my doctor to ask for his opinion, and he says I'm fine. Anyways, I just want a second opinion.
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Well, you WERE sick and now you aren't. But your mouth, throat and tonsils is getting back to normal.  It probably will and I'd just let it happen without over analyzing it. The important thing is you feel well.  Sometimes, rarely, when taking antibiotics you can get oral thrush (yeast overgrowth in the mouth) and that causes a sort of white tongue. But it doesn't sound like this is the case for you. I'd let it be and see if you aren't good in a couple of weeks.  
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