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What is this clicking in my ears?

Hi there :) I have had this clicking sound in my left ear - that I can also "feel" as well. It started about 6 months ago - after some dental work and a plane ride (don't know if it's relevant, just in case). It is present all the time - but I only really notice it when I'm in a quiet room, or when I turn my head to the left. Also very noticeable when I'm trying to fall asleep, or waking up - especially when I'm lying on my left side. It speeds up when I turn my head to the left- like the wheel of fortune wheel. I saw 2 ENT doctors, one said it was a muscle spasm (he also sent me for some tests - all came back normal), the other said he didn't think it was a muscle spasm, most probably "type-writer" tinnitus.  

I really hate this symptom, it gives me a lot of distress - even more distressing is not knowing for sure what it is, as the 2nd doctor seemed unsure. I'm worried that there's something wrong with my ear, as it's a little weird that it started right after a plane ride (that plane ride gave me some ear pain and some popping), and that it mainly happens when I change my head's orientation. I hear that the vestibular system regulates motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation - and whenever I move my head or change it's position is when my ear makes that clicking noise. I really need to figure this out.

Other info about me: I've had tinnitus - the ringing kind - in both ears for a long time - 7 years. Also infrequent bouts of benign positional vertigo.

Any suggestions or info on the clicking in my ear would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
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Tinnitus can come in many forms. It isn't just a ringing noise...mine changes all the time. Sometimes I hear ringing, a few minutes later it sounds like white noise...then i'll start to hear the ocean or my heartbeat.
So yes, yes it could be your tinnitus acting up. The reason  it changed after the airplane ride was because of pressure. Increased and decreased pressures can move the "crystals" inside your ears ( normally called fluids)...this can also lead to vertigo. I take Serc to help me through bad bouts of vertigo. Could also be from your dental work. Your jaw could have been thrown slightly out of line, which causes it to click. Neck injuries can also cause odd sensations and noises. If I turn my head too far to the right, I feel like I am not getting enough oxygen to my brain, and start hearing the "swooshing" sound of my heart. I thought it was high blood pressure and went running off to the doctor the first time it happened! I now see a chiropractor regularly, and these sensations have calmed down quite a bit.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks tschock, that does help :)

I did have a lot of stress, dental work and teeth grinding around that time, I guess that's what did it. That airplane ride might've pushed it over the edge. I can only hope that it might go away. This does make me nervous to fly in an airplane again though. I also hear that "swooshing" you describe, often when I stretch or my blood-flow seems to change. I was thinking of seeing a chiropractor at some point, as I also have some chronic pain in my jaw/neck on one side.

Thanks for the suggestion and the info, I appreciate it.
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