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What is wrong? Help please

It all started 4/2 with something like a cold. I had a mild sore throat, but severe burning of my nose and a gritty feeling of my eyes. I have some cervical lymph node swelling.

I went to my GP who gave me Amoxicillin, which seemed to work a bit, but never took it away. He referred me to an ENT that actually suggested that I don’t have swollen lymph nodes and she couldn’t see anything. She said my nodes may be felt more easily cause I am thin and to wait two weeks to see if there is any change in my symptoms. 2 weeks later - the office called and I told them it wasn’t better, I was scheduled for a CT. I’ll post the results of that below.

So, I still have sore throat with a cobblestone appearance, my lymph nodes are still swollen - they seem to be going down but, are much puffier when I wake up. They decrease in size as the day goes on, but are still puffy. The burning nose thing is gone, but my ears are driving me crazy - they are excessively itchy and off and on they hurt. I don’t produce ear wax and have had dry ears and eyes for years, but this itching thing is beyond. I haven’t heard from the ENT about my CT results yet, but I have a feeling they may say nothing is wrong besides the noted multiple swollen lymph nodes. Please provide me some guidance because I just don’t know what to do and I am completely at my wits end.


1. No sialolithiasis.
2. Scattered probable reactive cervical nodes, without clear pathologic enlargement or other suspicious features.

INDICATION: LAD lymphadenopathy, Sialoithiasis, please give pt a disk Review pregnancy status, order entered from written source not with office staff or patient.

COMPARISON: Limited comparison to CT head 6/27/2017

TECHNIQUE: CT soft tissue neck routine protocol with 100 mL IsoVue 370 administered intravenously.

Minimal sinus mucosal thickening is typically incidental, particularly in the absence of specific clinical concern.
No suspicious osseous lesions.
Left pulmonary and hilar calcifications most likely are sequela of previous granulomatous inflammation.
Visualized cranium is unremarkable. Otomastoid air cells are clear.

No abnormal parotid, submandibular or sublingual calcification, mass, ductal ectasia or calculi, nor adjacent inflammatory induration or swelling.
Scattered small and tiny cervical nodes are somewhat numerous, though with benign size and morphology, most likely reactive in the absence of other specific clinical concern.
Muscular, vascular and glandular structures of the neck are otherwise unremarkable. A punctate right paramedian lingual tonsilloliths is typically incidental.

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We're not doctors here and can't analyze your CT scan.  It appears you don't have swollen lymph nodes, according to your doc, and CT scan appears not to have found anything.  You were given an antibiotic without any diagnosis calling for one, so that may have weakened your immune system and killed off beneficial organisms without reason, but what's done is done.  It's allergy season, and it's a bad one, so consider that.  Check back with your doc, but again, you've already received treatment for something you don't have apparently but docs do that and patients often like that no matter how many times official policy warns against doing it.  So do your follow-up, but at some point you have to accept the evidence and realize it might be seasonal allergies.
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve never had allergies before so, that is why I am taken a back. Guess I’ll just need to relax and deal with it.

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