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White spots on back of throat

I have a sore throat (feels like swallowing razor blades) & when I shone a flashlight I could see my pharynx looks slightly larger and there appears to be faint yellow spots on pharynx.

I also have a headache, feel tired and shivery. Has been lasting a few days.

I had exact same symptoms a month ago and was told i had pharyngitis by GP in person. Symptoms went down after a week.

I had a tonsillectomy in July 2018 after repeatedly getting tonsillitis.

This feels very similar to when i had recurrent tonsillitis and i am very concerned as my health generally has been poor for last three months I have had two colds and two sore throats. I often feel fatigued.

Symptoms suggest tonsillitis but i don’t have tonsils so I am very confused. Getting really depressed about always being ill. I’m a 24 year old with no known Heath issues.
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Oh, I know that pain!  It could be strep throat, which makes it difficult to swallow.  A couple of years ago, I was absolutely convinced I had strep throat, as I'd had many infections as a child.  I was surprised that it turned out to be enterovirus, which, as you said, made it feel like I was swallowing razor blades.  The symptoms do kind of fit what you're describing: https://www.merckmanuals.com/home/infections/enteroviruses/overview-of-enterovirus-infections

If you haven't already, see a doc -  antibiotics (if strep) or steroids (if enterovirus) make a world of difference quite quickly.
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