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White spots on the tonsils starting to concern

I had a flu in December a bad one
Since then I had a white spot on left tonsils it was big first then reduced ( was able to scrap a bit and it was smelly ) four months since then have had no throat issues

Now I start to notice that I got some white spots on the left tonsils not similar but like streaks again no pain discomfort or difficulty swallowing etc

I suffer from gerd and have chronic throat clearing have a history of chronic sinusitis and was operated for septal deviation 10 years ago and have recurring throat infections ( when ever a swab was taken it was concluded as bacterial infections )

With all above I am having high anxiety it this could be something major like throat cancer etc can I get some insights here
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I would no scrape back there.  That's something that could cause discomfort overall.  What other symptoms do you have besides appearance?  Do you have a sore throat? You are saying that you had a bacterial throat infection back in December?  Tonsilitis?  Did you take antibiotics?  White spots on your throat are not indicative of throat cancer.  Here's the symptoms of throat cancer and you don't mention any of the symptoms .  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/throat-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20366462  White spots on the throat can be a sign of throat infection like you had previously.  https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/oral-health/throat-white-patches  but in the absence of any other symptoms, I'd not worry about it.  Gargle with salt water if you can which might help.
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I don’t have sore throat but a feeling of the same due to the constant gerd and also severe anxiety looking at my throat everyday

Previous check Indicated always bacterial infection and was given betadine gargle and azithromycin

No other symptoms other than general feeling of being unwell physically active able to perform all physical and office work actively playing cricket as well

Ya, that's the thing with anxiety.  We think checking and looking is going to make us feel better but it is actually fuel for the anxiety.  Have you ever tried any of the apps online for anxiety such as headspace or Calm?  they help you practice breathing and meditating.  Visualization can help, so when you get the bad thought, go immediately to a planted good thought that soothes you or makes you happy.  Just switch it to that right away.  

If you don't check your throat, you won't know this is happening.  No other symptoms means it is probably not something to worry about at all!  
Yes agreed will try Tks for comments

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