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Why are there random instances acute ringing in my ears?

So I'm 14 years old, my dad has a weak left ear and I used earphones a LOT in the past but have stopped recently.

Every now and then my hearing in one of my ears will decrease to.about 25% of it's general capacity and will be accompanied by a ringing in my ear. The ringing stays for a wh in my right earile and slowly dissipates as I carry on with my day. My latest one (which I'm.having right now) happened just then. I'm Not sure why it happens, but It could be due to loud noises as I live on a main (noisy) street where they are always cars whooshing in the background but rarely any honking.

My last one happened during a video conference at school which I think might he due to crappy speakers which emitted a high frequency buzz that cause my ear to "short circuit."

The instances feel like a putting on sound proof hheadphones, in less than a second I go from being able to hear "fine" (I really think I have damaged ears) and then suddenly can barely make out quite loud sounds.

I hope this information is enough, I'm desperate for help as I don't want to ruin my ears at such a young age.

Please help.
Bye bye.
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