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Why does my throat make a clicking feeling/sound when I swallow?

After a procedure (either a transnasal esophagoscopy or a flexible laryngoscopy). I don't know what it's called because they never explained to me they where doing the procedure or why.

The doctor put a camera/tube thing down my nose, into my throat (again not sure what the procedure was that was done, it was never explained). Since that appointment after the medicine wore off, I have had a click feel/sound (not loud) when I swallow.
My throat got irritated the first week when I talked (not pain or sore, but it felt it was swollen) and I was getting the strained feeling when I talked for over a min. or so. It's not like that really now, but I've been trying to limit my talking. It still feels like the camera is poking the bottom of my neck (center) under where the larynx, I guess is what it's called. Sometime it feels like he broke something inside my neck with the camera.

When I called the doctor a few days after the camera incident, he said my symptoms were acid reflux with the click feel/sound. I've never had acid reflux before, so it's weird to me after this procedure he thinks I have it. He told me to take Nexium for like a month twice a day for a week, then alternate 2 pills, 1 pill, for a week. Then down to 1 pill a week, then 1 pill every other day for a week. When I look online it says only take for 14 days.

Could the camera have hit my voice box or something to cause those symptoms?

Do the symptoms sound like acid reflux? Can that cause a clicking sound/feeling when swallowing saliva? Having the feeling like the camera is still in my throat/poking the bottom?

This has been driving me crazy because I didn't have any of these issues before the appointment and I was not there for that. I have been feeling worse since the appointment.
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