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can tonsillitis create a small pea sized lump on right side of neck

Hi, about 3 months ago i had a throat infection and as i result i got a pea sized lump in neck that has been on neck for 3 months. I have been to two ENT specialists and one said that i was a lymph node and the other one said that the lump was due to tonsillitis. Also for the past 3 weeks i have had lumps on the back of mouth and i went to the dentist and he said that it was the tonsils and that i just need to take them out. I also have a bump on my tongue that i can see and under my tongue that i can feel but can't see and they have been there for the past 2 weeks. I am getting my tonsils removed in 2 weeks. But i am really worried about the lump in neck, and bumps/lumps in back of throat  and bump on and under my tongue. I'm scared that it is something serious i'm 19!
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I'm no gp, but yeah I have known people with it removed tonsils and retained ones, that as I understand, you can aquire a cycst or benign growth anywhere at all, inside yoyr none visible places lol, really, and yeah my step dad before this current one, oooh, he had a none melignant growth consider that a begnign tumor (ie form or type of none cancer forming although ugly cyst) Oh man get this it was back of his trachea food pipe between his pallet of his mouth and throat area, he actually had one none malignant cycst (tumor) on his actual palet of his mouth same time, I'll never forget that, oooooo.hhhh they cut it out scissors surgical scissors on his pallet leaving an open area of flesh of his  upper mouth pallet, oh man  he  was  dithering eating,  I saw that hole yhis pallet was like  a rib  cage  formation that comprised a central spine like bone  with dones spurring off to form  the shape of his roof of his mouth, in the middle lay a fleshless tissue less are they'd scissor or scalpaled off revealing a vertebrae like  rib formation that made the  pallet of mouth bones,  he had to eat soup for  days before  it  mild healed to allow for eating half way solid foods, my mum also had this procedure back of throat to remove a none melignant but awkwardly placed growth (cyst).

I have these all over me bridge  of feet, forearms, chin, chest around heart, round kidneys not hurting, but they  could cause issues I  was told, this gp is a ex  lump (growth removal specialist)  private and nhs, he said nah mate they aren't hard like you say they are soft, he taught me he said the moment they are rigid you got a serious issue, also  he said nhs etc free care won't remove them they are classed as cosmetic and none  melignant therefore private if at all removed,  I said  sure I got one  or two  by  my heart and feet,  he said lift your shirt remove your socks, he went lol mate one or two  on your  back you say nah mate I exaggerate not you have hundreds litteraly everywhere,  he  did then qwash my fears explained whats soft feel what's hard and immediate worry, all mine were ok, he did state some eg. bridge of feet could progress to bigger and place  pressure on vein or nerves causing operable situation then, but till then they are begnign and none operable on nhs rules, he did lumps as a removal private and nhs.  But this woman doing endoscopy said if you get pain you got bad inflimation if it gets bad and 2 omeperazole and 4 spoons 5ml peptac a day don't stop it you'll have to come back you'll need an operation, my dad did have a wrap around, if that is anything to go by?
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So yeah look at that from meh don't hurt to ahahahah does hurt damn I wanna puke etc etc, when I do not get it, from my prior aks to deafness caused tinnitus etc etc, yeah don't over think do silly sounding mild thai chi hold breath breath in breath out technique, and get seen to properly.
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You had a previous thread about this worry.  There's nothing you can really do until your tonsils are removed, to see if that cures the problem.
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