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stuffy all the time - more snottyin morning

im not sure whats wrong with my nose! its partly stuffy all the time
when i sniff up its not clear! it sounds like i have a cold as its so stuffy and snotty

if i use a nasall spray it does clear but i cant use every day!

when i look inside its red and a bit uneven and just doesnt look very healthy! i really have a lot to blow out my nose when i wake up - seems lying down builds up more mucus

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Talk to your doctor about vasomotor rhinitis.  Mayo clinic doctor ent, said saline nasal rinses twice a day for the rest of my life, he said it may not seem llike it is not helping but it is he said.  Could have fooled me. also told me to use musinex to keep drainage thin and to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.  Stay away from caffiene as it has a drying effect. Also there is special blocks you can buy, mine cost ten dollars, and these block elevate the head of the bed which is suppose to be helpful with vasomotr rhinitis. A humidifer is suppose to be useful too, to keep nasal membranes moist and to help keep secretions thin. I have had this for 6 years, only gets worse, no improvement for me, maybe you will be lucky. Hate the thought of having to live like this another 20 to 30 years
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hiya thanks for your reply
its worse in morning time - like i have to blow my nose loads - on looking inside there is an infection like cream colour...i did get bacrtoban cream but its really hard to keep up there as i end up needing to blow my nose and it blows out!
sometimes its clear with bright green which i think is infection isnt it?
i dont think its a polyp
ive used nasal sprays like otrivine and beconase which do help to give me a clearer sense of smell
i can smell things such as cooking, smoke, perfume etc
its just such an inconvienace blowing nose alot - always having tissues
night time it can be very blocked up! its usually when im still! does that sound bizarre - when im exercising at gym its quite clear to breathe!
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How long has this been going on and does it get better or worse any time of year?

It could be allergies, if you haven't had an allergy test done I would recommend having one done. There are simple allergens such as dust that can cause stuffy noses and with treatment it should get a little better.

Another possibility could be a fungal or bacterial staph infection, which you could be tested for and given a proper antifungal or antibiotic...

If it looks really irregular when you try to look up there, you may have a nasal polyp. They make it harder to breathe / "sniff up" the mucus and to blow it out when you're trying to clear your nose.. You also might notice some lack of the ability to smell or other problems if it is this. I'd go to a Dr. and check, they can have them surgically removed, or I believe there are different kind of sprays that can be prescribed to treat it.

Hope that helps a little : ) good luck!
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