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what strain of strep throat?

my neighbor lady has just told me that she has a strep infection. However, the symptoms she has described are pretty scary. I'm wondering if some information is being held back. (She has been known to fib many times) There are 3 little children at home and I am concerned...she has a very, very bad sore throat, extreme headache and neck ache, dizziness, nausea, a rash covers almost her whole body. The worst symptom is 2 golf ball sized lumps at the point where her neck and spine meet. She had one of these lumps about a month ago on the front right side of her neck. She said it just went away.When they took the throat culture, it came back the next day. Now, she has this. I am familiar with Strep throat symptoms and I know that sometimes it can get really bad if you don't get to a doctor for treatment. But.....what's with the 2 lumps? BTW...she can still talk on the phone and puff away at her cigarettes! Any information about what this could possibly be would be helpful....is it contagious? Scarlet fever? Rheumatic fever? Bad case of Mono? .......thanks much
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The lumps behind the head must be the lymph nodes enlarged secondary to the infection in the throat. If she has taken any medicines and the swellings are the same, please advise her to get an FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) done. She requires a thorough check up from her doctor. Any more doubts you are welcome.

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It is possible to have a severe case of strep like you are describing.  I would stay as far away as possible from this person until it is resolved.
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