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6 year, girl, healthy.

6 year old who was once a good eater.  Has suddenly started refusing to eat any solid food.  Will hold it in her mouth and then go spit it out.
She says she's afraid of choking.  There is a new baby in the home and the mother had a heart attack which the ambulance picked up from her house.  The father and mother have been at the hospital.. She has talked to them via phone but, not seen them.  Except for the not eating problem she seems happy and fine.
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The child is probably very anxious and lonely. She probably is not sure of her position in family, maybe feels threatened by a new addition to family and is worried sick about her mother. Probably meeting her mother once she is shifted to ward, and giving her more attention, and involving her in baby care will help her. Meanwhile keep up her nutrition with semisolids, milk, soups, juices, cereals etc. Consult a counselor if need be. Take care!
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