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ARFID & Purging?

I was diagnosed with ARFID last year and I also am autistic, have severe general anxiety as well as sensory processing disorder. I have several actual food allergies as well. However, I have a few questions about ARFID and purging. When I do eat ( and I don't eat a whole lot) I tend to purge after words and I have no idea why. I am not really afraid of gaining weight or anything. And the purging tends to happen when I have nausea, or I am super anxious or feel like the food is stuck in my chest/throat. I also tend to get horrible stomach pains sometimes that are a gnawing burning pain. I also tend to purge when I am constipated(sorry t.m.i) and I get constipated a lot.

I am down to very few foods on my safe list and I am going on a trip very soon to another country with my family. I don't know how I will deal with the purging because I won't have access to a bathroom all the time 24/7. I also purge when I eat a new food or foods that I don't like that I feel pressured to eat while around others.

I am not sure what I should do. I am in therapy for ARFID, but I am not currently underweight or having health issues, other than nausea once in a while and some lightheadedness from forgetting to eat on occasion. To be honest I would much rather just forget about eating altogether, but I know I have to eat so I just try and eat what I like. Yeah but if I had the choice I probably wouldn't eat because food doesn't really interest me all that much.
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I have a son with sensory processing disorder.  You know, he absolutely avoids certain foods due to things like texture or smell or that he can't easily chew it.  However, to get his nutrition, we substitute. Do you do that?  
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Some patients with ARFID also suffer from depression or anxiety. These patients can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , which is very effective for their disease.
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Yeah, I know that. That wasn't even the question. And never mind anyway cause it all turned out to be an actual stomach issue vs an eating disorder anyway. It's just mild stomach delay with acid reflux.
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Hi msjregina5. I am sorry that this is happening to you. I am also purging every once in a while and going on vacations is also a problem for me as I will be out of my comfort zone (my own toilet) and not sure if I have regular access to a bathroom when I need to purge. I don't know much about ARFID but it seems like it will leave you hungry as you only eat selected foods, whilst purging during the times that you are able to eat. You may also be susceptible to ulcer as your stomach does not have much to digest except for the acids. Can't you try bringing some of the foods on your safe list on your vacation so you will not be pressured to eat new foods? Is your family aware of your diagnosis?
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Yes, my family knows about my issues with food. They are very supportive. I could bring some rice cakes with me, some of my fav protein bars and also my favorite crackers. Luckily we are heading to Greece and they have hummus there, I love my hummus. That's all that is on my list right now. I just don't know about the purging part of things. I have no clue if its a digestive issue or if its just me hating the feeling of food in my stomach when I feel like I am too full(its why I eat only small amounts).

Thanks for the advice on brining my own food. I didn't really think about that.
I am glad to have helped you. I am only concerned of your physical health. I don't see anything wrong with eating small amounts of food, as long as you are keeping it in. Make sure that you listen to your body and feed it when it is asking you to.
turns out its a stomach issue instead of an eating disorder. I knew it probably was something to do with that. I told my therapist that and she agreed that it could certainly be a stomach issue vs and eating disorder. I just have to keep meals frequent and small and be sure that its easy to digest.
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