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Abnormal Salt Craving:Need Help

I am having a lot of health problems going on right now. I am a 31 yr old F.  I do not have issues with emotional eating, except pms craving. I  have depression, secondary to anxiety but have Chronic Health probs.  I have High BP & kidney stones right now. For two, I have suffered from what seems to be seizures, twitching, cramping, dehydration at times, and headaches, and polyuria. I also have spasms, dizziness, and falls. It seems these are all being caused by my constant flushing out of minerals through my body. I recently had a 24 hour urine done for stone screening factors and all my electrolytes, etc levels of excretion were high. My doctor was dumbfounded at the high amount of sodium *762* and the 24 hour Cl number was *723*
Also, he has put me on a vitamin D supplement. Years back this level was abnormally high in my blood and I did not take vitamins. I believe somehow this is all related, including to my mental health. However, I don't eat salt nonstop every day and have been incorporating whole foods more and more into my diet. I tried telling my specialist that I craved salt abnormally at times, but he brushed this off as being part of the American diet. I tried to tell him sometimes, and not all the time...rarely I get very very bad salt cravings. It is like you trying to tell a smoker to stay away from their cigarettes and they go into withdrawals. The days the test was run had been one of the salt craving (to the extreme) times. I have craved salt on and off since early childhood. I had pica when I was little and ate wood off my headboard. I still have weird cravings at times but I do not go around eating these things. When I get the salt cravings it is not a food issue so much as a salt issue. I have to have whatever salt is there. I have drank pickle juice, hot sauce out of the fridge. If I don't get it I don't feel well. I do not drink or smoke. God bless
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The first thing to figure out is whether this is a physiological craving...i.e. a hormone released in brain tells your body you must have salt( only your doctor who has all the results can answer that question); or is it psychological.  From an emotional eating standpoint, I have since all sorts of highly specific cravings described just the way you described your craving for sale, e.g. baloney sandwhiches;  If it is  psychological, then the work you need to do is psychological work, to understand the salt cravings as a special case of emotional eating.  If it is that, the shrinkyourself program can help you or a therapist can help you sort this out.
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Actually eating issues don't come up in therapy. Most of the other medical things going on have had actual "physical" reasons. What is the shrinkyourself program? Either way, if I need to go this route if it is because of psychological reasons then I will have to get help either way for the salt problem because it is "literally" killing me. I am walking pickle (just a joke). I have washed out every mineral in my body at abnormal levels and I get so bad that I start to get confused and depressed. Now I just don't want to eat at all at times. I will discuss this with my therapist too, unless I need to see a special therapist for this sort of thing. I have no clue. Thank you  for your time and God bless you.

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