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Am I developing an eating disorder?

I am 19 years old, and I weigh 220 pounds.
I hardly eat, I will eat only about one meal a day, not intentionally, I just forget that I NEED to eat to survive, but this has been going on for about 3/4 months, I have not lost weight, have no gained weight, my sleeps not effected, my stomach doesnt ever hurt, I do not ever feel sick, I have no energy loss..
Nothing bad is happening, and it concerning me..
Am I going to suddenly crash from this?
Is there a way I can actually remember to eat? My body just does not tell me when I am hungry, I actually never feel hungry..

or am I just immortal?
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Your hormones are interesting, quite strong. However you need to find a solution to reduce weight. You can consult with doctors or physician or fitness advisor,
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You need to get to a healthy weight, and to do so, you need to eat and be active. Your body is currently using its fat stores to retain energy. Once it runs out of energy, it's going to rely back on you to eat healthy in order to gain energy to lose weight or be active. One meal a day is not enough. Not enough for a growing 19 year old, and not enough for someone that's 220lbs. There are healthy ways to lose weight and skipping meals will actually cause you to gain weight in the long run. You may not feel side effects now, but they're coming... and you can either stay around and wait for that crash or you can make a lifestyle change and eat small, healthy meals around the clock.

Another word of advice, because this helped me, start listening to your body. You may just be out of sync with it. Sometimes we're so busy in day-to-day life that we forget to stop and listen to what WE need. Just stop every hour. Whatever you're doing, just stop and breathe. Ask yourself, am I hungry. Wait for that feeling to sink in to really assess the question. Then drink water. Water does amazing thinks for our body and our weight! We don't get enough of it! Or at least most of us don't! Once you've finished 8oz of water, ask yourself again, Am I hungry? If not, maybe try to eat something small. Something you know you like to usually eat and crave. If it taste good, your stomach will turn on like a switch and remember that eating is awesome! If the food makes you queasy, put it down, do something else, and try again in another hour.  
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