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Am I obese/fat?

Hi i'm 16 years of age and my height is 5''4 and I weigh 13 stone i do walk alot i love walking long distance high distance and short distance my eating has changed about 8 months ago i stopped eating not because I realized how much I weigh its out of stress my meals are no where near normal there always small but thats all I can manage even when i do eat i always regret it then start arguing in my head with me being horrible saying horrible things etc...
this is my weekly intake

2 days I take in around 300-400 calories
another 2 days is around 500-1000 calories
another 2 days over 1000 calories
last day of the week is around 400-700 calories

its different each day so that example with the calories it could change around each day
I do eat alot of veggies and salad  most days i live on tuna salad but days when im angry with myself
I would only eat 1 thing the entire day i'm also on seroquel and one side affect is weight gain i used to weigh around 9-10 stone when i was 14-15 now im 16 and weigh almost 14 stone but still 13 stone 4 so am I fat?
I have no idea what I weigh in lbs so sorry americans your gonna have to do it english style :)
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I think for your height your ideal weight would be a range up to 140lbs which is about 10 stone.  You wouldn't be considered obese, but probably overweight by a bit.  What's more important than the number is your overall health and it seems like you get exercise which is really good.

I'm concerned about your eating though.  You are not eating nearly enough for someone your age.  What worries me more is the angry voice in your head.  That's really common for people who have eating disorders, which scares me for you.  Do you talk to a councellor?  A nutritionist would be a great idea too if you could do that.  I get that you say stress is contributing to your not eating, but the fact that you know the calorie amount implys there is more to it than just stress.

So, are you obese...I'd say no.  Are you fat...well, personally I hate that word so I'd never use it.  You aren't your weight, whatever it is.  
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Concerned? but I'm overweight though or could you still be quite big and have issues with food? No councellor though I don't think I need one, maybe a dietitian for sure.

My friends say I don't even look 13 stone and my mum n dad say the same but I just recon their just trying to be nice. If i was to carry on eating like this what would happen to me?
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