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Anorexia causes seizures?

I’ve suffered 2 seizures within the last 2 months at the age of 38, no previous history.
Undergoing test at the moment. Doctor said sounds like I have epilepsy.
Is is normal to develop suddenly at this age?
No family history.
I did suffer from anorexia in my early 20’s, my periods stoped for over 8 months.
No trigger for my seizures but both times happened as soon as period ended. I’m on the pill.
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Hi, I just read this and am wondering how things are going.  Were you diagnosed with epilepsy?  did the doctor think it has anything to do with your previous eating disorder?  How did you get over your eating disorder, if you don't mind me asking?
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Hey, I got the diagnosis of epilepsy. The doctusaid anorexia isn’t the cause as the problem is only in one small area of the brain. She said sometimes epilepsy happens and there is no known cause. My anorexia was awful, took over my whole life then it developed in bulimia and gradually I stopped. I still have cycles where I find myself slipping into staving myself, it’s a life long battle.
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I'm so glad you came back with an update!  Ya, eating disorders are a life time because it is not like other things where you maybe don't have to deal with the 'problem' area again. You always have to eat. Did you go to a treatment facility for it?  
Sorry about the epilepsy diagnosis.  That's crazy you had no family history of it and it appeared so suddenly.  Are you doing okay with the diagnosis?  On medication?
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