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Anorexic, no period since August 2013,

Okay, so I have Anorexia, had it since 2011, I stopped having a period since August 2013, but a few days ago I started bleeding, and I have not gained weight or have been in recovery. I don't know what is happening and would like to know if it is a period or something else? Thanks guys!
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Sweetie, your body needs a proper diet to maintain the release of hormones. You stopped having your period because you weren't eating enough for your body to produce hormones. The only way to return to a normal cycle is to return to healthy eating habits. Please get help, I know anorexia is a serious disorder and it hours by be taken lightly, but please get help. If not for yourself, for the ones who love you. I don't know for sure why you started bleeding but you should definitely talk to a doctor
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