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Binge eating disorder / compulsive over eating

I suffer from binge eating disorder, I assuming its due to depression/loneliness. I can't afford therapy so wanted to know if anyone else who has suffered this has had any success with over coming it?
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A positive frame of mind is very important for treatment. If you have the will, you'll find the way. Join support groups to keep yourself motivated. Take up yoga for that will help you. Join any good center in your area. Apart from this, you need proper diagnosis and treatment without which success is not possible. The treatment involves various types of behavior therapies, nutritional guidance, medications to control hunger, food satiety, and exercise and yoga.
If loneliness is the cause of your depression, then joining support groups is a way to overcome them. You need to make a conscious effort to make friends and go out on social occasions. Log in what you are eating and how much and make a conscious effort to reduce the portion sizes. Needless to say, it is very important to consult a psychologist. Take care!
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Hi and thanks for the response! I will definately take your advice, I do enjoy Pilates so I wanted to take that up but I'm finding I'm starting to fear going out on my own. I also am scared to meet new people too, I feel I don't want to open up and let people know me.
I'm looking into hypnotherapy, Ive heard some great results have come from that and because I know this issue I'm having is in my head I'm hoping it could help me. Just saving for the sessions as they are pricey but I need to do something. Once again, thanks for the response :)
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Hi Mokiruby, I completely understand your situation as I’m facing something very similar. I do know that support and structured eating could help us both. If you’d like perhaps both of us could help each other, just by looking out, sharing and motivating each other on a day to day basis.


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There are also Over Eaters Anonymous groups around.  If you can find one in your area, it might be useful to go to a meeting when the urge happens.  They are not as frequent as AA meetings, but they are out there.  Take care.
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