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Hi, I'm a 15 and I have been
bulimic for around a year now. My problem
isn't quitting as I don't find plurging an addiction.  
Recently I had a nosebleed while plurging, but
I thought it was only a coincidence. The second
time I plurged, I also got a nosebleed. The third time
after that I did not get a nosebleed while plurging, but
I did get nosebleeds almost everyday after that. It's been
around a week since the nosebleeding has started and I
am still constantly getting nosebleeds almost every day.
These nosebleeds are very hard to stop and go on forever!
I know I should go see a doctor but is there any other solid
advice you could give me? Thank you, I've been searching for
an answer for days now, but to no avail.
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Thanks for the advice guys, I have quit plurging for
quite a number of days now. ( 4-6?) Anyways,
my main concern was the nosebleeds, but I'm
good now :)
I still had a nose bleed today but it was very little so
I take this as an improvement. It's weird how easily
bulimia has taken a toll on my body while other bulimics
take years to start showing the effects...
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I am a recovering bulimic and I too used to get nosebleeds. I never got a solid answer from my doctor but she did say that they could be do to the blood rushing to your head during a purge. This makes sense since the blood vessels are under so much pressure that it leads to some superficial bleeding. The nosebleeding stopped for me when I took a break from purging and I am guessing this just let the body repair itself. If you are having nosebleeds for a week for no reason you may want to see your doctor, and hopefully you have informed your doctor of your eating disorder so he/she has a good picture of your medical history. I hope this gets better for you soon though!

Aside from nosebleeds, my question to you is are you planning on quitting the purging? The beginning of your post makes it sound like you dont see bulimia as a problem when clearly it is taking a toll on your body...
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hi. my advice would be to stop purging!! It is very damaging to your internal organs and you could end up with serious problems with your stomach and insides. Also it ruins your teeth and gums! I was bulimic about 13 years ago and I am recovered now. There is a reason your getting nosebleeds and I dont exactly know what it is, but its not healthy. And it will become an addiction if it is not already. You don't even lose weight purging. Please, it's not a healthy road to take and the sooner you stop the better.
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