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Can losing weight make your ribs hurt???

Since June I have lost 10 pounds I am now 5 foot 10 and 146 pounds

Latly my ribs have been hurting sometimes it feels like something is trying to pull my ribs out of me sometimes the pain feels lime it's under the rib the pain is alloyed the place usualy the top ribs right under my breast a d sometimes the bottom rib.

Could me losing weight be making my ribs hurt??? If so will they start hurting more and more as I lose more weight??? Because I still want to lose 14 pounds.
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First some normal physiology :-)

The rib cage is surrounded by muscles. They all aid in respiration. Naturally, if we stress, hyperventilate or feel anxiety etc, the respiratory muscles tense. This can make us feel exhausted.

Along every rib, there are nerves. If these nerves slip out of their tracks, it can cause an intense, stinging pain.

Range of motion-exercises usually helps for this. Let your arms swing along your side, being relaxed in the shoulders, breathe deep and end off with some stretching of your arms.

I can't count the emergency responses I've been to with quite young persons thinking they have heart attacks. The panic itself is often making the pain more intense. Most times, it's only the respiratory muscles wanting to de-tense.

I've never heard of weight-loss causing chest-pain.

If the pain gets so intense that it inhibits your respiration, you should seek medical attention. Respiratory problems can in some situations cause exhaustion - somethnig that's common for asthmatics and COPD-patients. If you have asthma, you should run this by your doctor (something you could do anyway).

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Yes I do have asthma but I'm not sure of the last time it bothered me. I think it may have bothered me in the summer because it Burt to breath but I'm nit sure if that was my asthma because it hurt my throat not my chest. It felt like my throat was being sweeqed shut in the Sumer when it hurt to breath. But latly my chest and ribs have been hurting. I was just wondering if it's related to losing weight because it's only been recently that it started hurting. The other day all I did was sniffle and the rib pain came it knocked the breath out of me and for half and hour to an hour every time I sniffled it Hirt my rib. Now my ribs just been hurting off and in for the last month or so.
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Also you said it can make you feel exhausted, I have been wife tired even more then usual were I'm alread always tired. But I've been blaming that on the cold or flew or what ever it is that I have had for at least a month now. But also I blame in general being tired all the time on I think I'm depressed and I know that's a symptom so that's my guess.  

Can cracking your neck or back make the nerves slip??? Sometimes when I crack my neck I feel it in the opposite arm if the side of the neck I was cracking. Also I throw my neck back alot because I always get shivers up my neck and sometimes I feel somthing role in the back of my neck. My neck crams when I throw it back now because I do it so often. In Febuary I was at a swim meat and my neck hurt so much I couldn't move. It was a pulsing stabbing pain that moved up my neck to my head on the left side and started hurting on the right until I put ice on it. Could that be connected to nerves???

I know that I may be off topic but I was just wondering if this all could be connected???

My friend pointed out to me in the summer that I don't swing my arms when I walk they stay completely still. I never noticed this until she pointed it out
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my ribs have been having the same problems i think it's because i've been losing weight i'm 10years old
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Oh darling, are you trying to lose weight? You are 10 my dear and that is not the time to worry about weight. However I know it happens. If you would like feel free to send me a message! <3 

Btw I know it's a hard struggle but its totally worth fighting it when it's all done and gone! :) :D I can promise you that! :D
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Steph...Listen to Bran_Bran. She's a smart girl who has worked very hard to overcome some challenges of her own & she is giving you good advice! Lose weight ONLY if your doctor has recommended it and is supervising you.
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Its not the ribs that hurts but your stomach.
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No it's my ribs. And they still hurt sometimes, but I talked to my doctor and he said it was likely just muscles out of place. And my friends mum who is a nurse in training said it could be electrolyte i balance from losing weight.

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I know you posted this last year, but I feel like you're way too young to be losing weight as a 10 or 11-year old kid--depends on when your birthday is.
In my opinion, I feel like it's unhealthy a kid your age to lose weight.
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Hi Bran_bran. Just a thought. With the 10 pounds loss, have you been exercising more then normal. I've had bulimia with anorexic traits since I was 17. When I first started, I was exercising and at some point I had the same feeling. The pain in the ribs. They were sore to the touch and when I breathed in. I went to my doctor at the time, and he diagnosed it as Costochondritis. Google it and you will find a ton of info on it. WebMD says "Costochondritis is an inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone, or sternum." I found out a few years later that I didnt have Costochondritis, but I had at some point over-exercised an tore the ligaments from my ribs and developed cyst's where they tore, and I still deal with the pain to this day. But what you're describing sounds like Costochondritis.
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And I just realized this was posted almost 2 years ago. LOL! I hope your pain is gone!
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Hi, It is a year later still and I am reading about the same rib problem. It sounds like Bran Bran is a bit OCD all that neck cracking and head swinging and then wondering why his neck hurts? I have had a test to see if the tri yearly right side pain is gallbladder related, and it did say my gallbladder wasn't working properly, but I have heard too many people say they have had their gallbladder removed and the pain remains. Also if it is the gallbladder, why does it hurt or not hurt regardless of the amount of fat I eat? I think I could reduce the gallbladder factor through diet and or dandelion root.
The people who say that it could be any number of problems from heart attack to pulled muscle are correct. One should see a doctor, but don't get your hopes up. I have been told costcochondritis, allergy, and now gall bladder, they are guessing, but it is worth getting test, just to eliminate possibilities if nothing else.
I hope to find a surgeon who guenuinly wants to cure people and isn't all about the money and cutting, who will truly tell me the alternatives, possibilties, and options I have. It may be a dream. My doctor is limited and would refer me to a specialist instead of figuring out what is wrong. The practice is good at physicals and presrcibing antibiotics when one needs them..Thanks for listening and God bless you all.
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So all is good then? I too have some pain/discomfort annoyance on the side/front side bottom of the ribs and dead center of the back.

ive lost 30 lbs in 2 months and ever since my sides and the rib cage ends sort of hurt or ache, and the back also aches a bit and of course im freezing all the time lol i assume im ok and its just pain from loosing weight, i remember when i lost weight before i too had pain but i do plan to make it to the doctor and have a chat ;p

Now... i was a tad stupid and wasnt getting enough cals but now ive upped it and feeling somewhat better still have pain tho but i assume it'll go away.
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It is not an ocd issue.Rudeness. And yes, it is common for tenderness around your rib cage after weight loss. Do not worry. It does subside. Also, congratulations on the weight loss!
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As someone who was underweight most of their life and lost 20 pounds in the course of 6 months because of an eating disorder called ARFID, I can say that rib pain can happen a lot when you are underweight it feels like someone is stabbing you in the ribs. I have not gained half my weight back and I can say that the rib pain has gone away. I still have some rib pain because i am still considered under weight but it has gotten better.
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