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Can you have a bout of poor circulation from low blood sugar?

Very recently relapsed into eating disordered behavior (female, 5'3", 160+ lbs, half-full pack a day smoker 2 yrs) I was restricting my caloric intake for the last 3 days (today included) below 500. Today I had not eaten, but I mowed the lawn, went to work for a few hours, finished mowing the lawn, and as I was smoking a cigarette with my legs propped up like I normally do and I noticed they got tingly very fast. Probably 3 hours later after I noticed my hands were very tingly in certain positions, I went to eat something and I noticed my fingernails were noticeably blue at the bottom. I know low blood sugar can give you anxiety so I started to freak out a little. Could this bout of abnormal poor circulation be due to low blood sugar, or strenuous activity with little to no energy? I had some rice cauliflower, 2 string cheese, and about 4 tbsp of honey and I feel somewhat better. I am still very worried.
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