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Why is it when someone calls me fat or something, I start eating?
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Hello ~ I hear your motivation to gain insight into yourself and that is always a great place to start. While many people’s appetite changes with emotional highs and lows, it is difficult to conclude that this is the case with you considering the limited information provided. There are a few ways you can explore this question further- how do you feel when someone calls you fat? How do you feel while you are eating? How do you feel after you’ve eaten? The answers to these questions might bring some clarity. If you would like more specific answers, you might benefit from individual counseling as this is a safe place for you to explore these questions. If you have emotional eating, it can often be a symptom of underlying emotional/psychological distress. For further information about eating disorders and to take our eating disorder survey/quiz, you could visit the bella vita website.  Sincerely, Dr. Patricia Pitts, PhD  The Bella Vita Los Angeles, CA
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