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Depresssion sending me into an eating disorder?

Hello. 24 year old female, I have struggled with major depression for years and am a suicide attempt survivor. About a year and a half ago I fell
Into a deep depression and wasn't working or anything and dropped to 85lbs. Since then my eating habits have gotten so bad and erratic. I went off my medication (vybriid) a year ago and haven't went back on anything yet mostly because I can't even take a pill every day, secondly my behavioral health dept was closed here so my resources are slim. I have noticed myself studdering my words, forgetting names and words, and to take my medication and pretty much everything else. I can hardly make it to work every day, and my body constantly feels Ill. 6/7 days of the week I have pain or feel nauseated. I have zero energy, headaches, dizzy and fainting spells, my raynauds syndrom is worse than ever, horrible Painful pelvic pain/pms, horrible mood swings. I lay in bed most of The day and when I am able to eat it's usually junk food, or possibly a salad. Some times I can binge on an entire pizza to myself but it's rare. I have always been a picky eater and I have always been on the leaner side but in the past year and a half my eating habits have become so horrible I'm not sure what to do and when to be concerned. I guess I may be in denial of my health, but it's just SO hard to care. I don't know if it's my depression or something else, I feel so disconnected from my body it's hard for me to tell. . I've been to doctors for my weight and none seemed too concerned so neither was I. Lately I have been being more aware of what I have been eating to just see where I'm at and I realized I'm getting probably between 300-700 calories a day, and that I'm eating maybe one meal a day and not even having a single thought to eat more. I will admit my self esteem isn't that great, and I do get a little down on myself for a minute when I see the scale go up. But I don't calorie count or Activly not feed myself, have a goal weight or purge and  I do not exercise whatsoever either. Food does not satisfy me anymore, and when I think about chewing it I almost always have to spit it out. I eat a very select few of foods and absolutely hate trying new things but I try when I can stomach it. I'm currently 94lbs/5'3 and lately I haven't ate much at all just because I'm not hungry. I do get some hungry growls occasionally but I don't physically feel hungry or have any desire to eat. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be concerned.
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Im sorry to hear of your depression and eating problems i don't know if it helps but my mum depression got that bad she ended up manic depressive than the eating disorder anorexia nervosa because she had erratic eating she was hospitalized 3 times in 4 years from beeinfg under malnourished it is a serious condition and unfortunately can lead to death like my mum. Have you ever had seeing a phyc? Or having a reveiw of your meds?
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I have struggled with this same problem! Actually right now, now that I think about it. It not good I'm lot better then I have been about a year ago with my depression problems, but all of a sudden Im not hungry some foods make me sick if I think about what to eat. Some times I have to just force myself to eat. But then ether are days I am totally fine and eat about anything but I get full really fast. I lost 16pounds in last month and half. Every one is starting to notice and say something to me. Now I'm starting to feel little worried about it. I never pay any attention to my weight I am okay to gain weight I need to gain weight I was 132 pounds and now down to 116 when I went to my dr. Appt. Please let me know what happens. Hope you are okay.
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Yes depresion can be like eating disorder or any like adicted to alcohol, its natural but only you can help ur self and family, you know what to do but you just dont have a reason.

Heres a joke for ur day.
Why its called eating disorder, because if you order you must eat it (eat-dis-order).
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